Historical picture of GC Rieber Oils


GC Rieber was founded in Bergen, Norway in 1879. Originally a leather-trading company, the business rapidly expanded into other areas, and in the early 1900 the company started its ventures within the fish oil industry.

In 1920 GC Rieber moved into fish oil production with the purchase of Knarrevik fish oil factory. In 1950 the company expanded further with the purchase of a cod liver boiling plant in Tromsø. It was based upon these experiences that GC Rieber in 1992 chose to become the majority stockholder in Alnes Marine Oils, the company that today bears the name of GC Rieber Oils.

Alnes Marine Oils was established in 1965 by Kåre Alnæs. The company bought cod liver oil on the coast of Norway and sold it on to a small number of regular customers.

In the late 1980’s his son Arne Alnæs saw the huge potential in the growing salmon-farm industry. The salmon needed feeding, and fish oil was a good basis for salmon feed. He saw enormous opportunities, and the small company with only four employees soon turned into a large producing and refining company.

In the early 1990's Kåre Alnæs retired from the day-to-day running of the business. The company was seeking new capital so that it could put its ambitious plans into practice.  It was then that GC Rieber, one of the firm’s long standing suppliers, joined as an owner in 1992.

In 1994 the company board approved the new master plan; the firm was to take charge of the complete refining process. With increased capacity, new markets were approached in order to secure raw materials.

In 2005 the Company underwent a name change from Alnæs Marine Oils AS to GC Rieber Oils AS.

In May 2009 the business took a quantum leap, the largest in its history. From being a producer of traditional fish oils, the company gradually moved its focus towards omega-3 concentrates, and in 2010 GC Rieber Oils celebrated the opening of its new high technology plant.

In April 2011 GC Rieber Oils launched the brand name VivoMega™ to raise its profile in the market. VivoMega™  unites omega-3 with the concept of living - the very essence of GC Rieber Oils.

In April 2014 the concentrate factory was extended, and we have more than tripled our production of high quality omega-3 concentrates.