Tank park at GC Rieber Distribution

GC Rieber Distribution

GC Rieber Distribution is a joint venture between GC Rieber Oils and Hayduk sourcing crude fish oil, both human and food grade, of agreed quantity and quality.  

With a strong and healthy financing from high rated Nordic banks, both companies are thrustworthy counterparts owned by solid family owned companies with long track record in the fish oil business. GC Rieber Distribution has experienced and strong sourcing capability, also beyond Hayduk’s production.



To secure quality and sustainability, we offer sourcing of crude oil with full traceability(SAP) and certifications (GMP + IFFO RS + FOS).
Sourced oil will be shipped to Norway and cleared through customs for storage at GC Rieber Distribution’s tank facility in Kristiansund. Payment at delivery!
Additional services, such as semi-refining(GMP) can be provided.

Oil is FOSFA regulated and standardised contract and document package are supplied



Sourcing only twice a year paired with the time to realize inventory, result in inflated working capital and strained liquidity. By sourcing through GC Rieber Distribution, payment of crude oil will be made when you need the oil, thus reducing your inventory and working capital. 

Less risk related to transport as flexitanks can be avoided.

Joint sourcing also leads to large purchases that ensures efficient logistics, reduced administration and fair prices. 



GC Rieber Distribution AS
Teistholmsundet 6,
6512 Kristiansund

Phone: +47 71 68 30 00

(Org no. 918 111 743 ) 


Jan Roger Bjerkestrand

Managing Director / GC Rieber Oils and Distribution

Phone: +47 71 68 30 00

Email: jan.roger.Bjerkestrand@gcrieber.com


Diego Balarezo

Commercial Manager Fishmeal & Fishoil / Hayduk

Chairman of GC Rieber Distribution AS

Phone: +51 998297199

Email: dbalarezo@hayduk.com.pe