GC Rieber Oils main office and concentrate factory

Christmas present to from the Norwegian Research Council

17th December 2019

GC Rieber Oils and Innolipid receive funding from The Research Council of Norway to develop a new technology for omega-3 from Norwegian raw materials. 

The goal is to develop a completely new and unique technology to produce both omega-3 and omega-7
from Norwegian raw materials.

The project has a total budget of NOK 12 million, of which Norwegian Research Council supports 50%. GC Rieber Oils AS, located in Kristiansund is the project owner and shall lead the collaboration with Innolipid AS and Orivo AS, located in Ålesund and Molde respectively. The
project will be launched in 2020 and will have a duration of 3 years.

The global export market for omega-3 is expanding within the health food, functional foods and beverages

segment and within the pharmaceutical segment. More raw materials will be required in the future and the
Norwegian sourced ones has an unreleased and untapped potential, however this raw material requires
new technology in order to be utilized more efficiently. Omega-7 also appears as an interesting fatty acid
from marine oils. Palmitolic acid, which is also found in marine oils, has shown to have a beneficial effect on
insulin resistance.

“We are very pleased that the Norwegian Research Council supports our project in competition with many
others for these funds. It is an important work to develop new technology in order to be able to use
Norwegian locally raw materials. We are also pleased that the project is supporting the omega-3 cluster in
Møre og Romsdal, since it represents companies from all three cities in the same county”, says Jan Roger
Bjerkestrand, CEO of GC Rieber Oils.

“Increasing demand for omega-3 puts greater pressure on the most interesting raw materials, and
therefore the new process will not only look at utilizing Norwegian raw materials as a supplement to South
American raw materials, but also at designing the new process such that it will obtain even more healthpromoting
products from the same raw material, such as omega-7”, says Asgeir Sæbø, CEO of Innolipid AS.

“Recent research is no longer just looking at the relationship between omega-3 and health, but also at
other fatty acids that are affecting our health. In order to utilize more oil fractions from fish in the
development of health-promoting products, the industry requires new technology. This new technology
will in turn make us better equipped to handle other types of raw materials in the future. We are therefore
looking forward to start working on this project with our partners”, says Bente J. Foss, R&D Manager and
CTO at GC Rieber Oils.

GC Rieber Oils is a Norwegian globally leading producer of fish oil omega-3 concentrates. The company's mission is to
offer sustainable high-quality omega-3 products that help improving the health of people with the least possible
environmental footprint. Continuous focus on the very best product quality is what drives our success. The company is
headquartered in Kristiansund with two advanced high-tech factories, a lab, pilot plant and research activities. GC Rieber
Oils is part of the privately-owned GC Rieber Group, which exercises active ownership in selected core areas.

Innolipid AS is a R&D supplier located in Ålesund, which has grown from ground breaking work in the concentration of
omega-3 on an industrial scale. The company's employees have up to 30 years of experience from industrial methods to
in pure refining of EPA / DHA and other fatty acids, as well as in-house small-scale process equipment and associated
analysis laboratory led by qualified personnel.

Orivo AS is a supplier of analyses for documentation of the origin of raw materials in marine oils and fishmeal products.
The company, located in Molde, has sprung from years of research at Sintef to document which species are the raw
material source for omega-3 products. They are clearly leaders in their field and have customers from all over the world
who wants their products verified.