GC Rieber Oils: 50 years of Omega-3

GC Rieber Oils: 50 years of Omega-3

GC Rieber Oils, part of the GC Rieber Industry group, celebrates 50 years in the omega-3 business on May 10. From the early start in 1965, the company has moved from the simple refining of cod liver oil into technologically advanced production of highly concentrated fish-oils.

50 years and 50 employees

In 1992, GC Rieber entered as a partial owner in the company, formerly known as Alnæs Marine Oils, in Kristiansund on the North West coast of Norway. Gradually they have taken ownership of the entire company. Over the last decade, GC Rieber Oils has developed into a high-tech cooperation, supplying health bringing Omega-3 concentrates to customers all over the world. Today, the company has 50 employees, and judging from the current demand, they hope to increase this number in the future.

CEO Jan Roger Bjerkestrand is proud of what they have accomplished: “The competence about Omega-3 started with Peter Møller in Kristiansund, and we are proud of carrying on the history of this important supplement. One of our success factors has been a strong team and a good working environment with a wide range of expertise. Many of us have been here for several years, through thick and thin – also during demanding periods”

Facts about Omega-3

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid, which means that it can only be obtained through our diet. EPA and DHA are the two main omega-3 fatty acids, offering several health benefits for hearth, brain, vision and joints. With a total omega-3 content of up to 90 percent, GC Rieber Oils offer some of the most concentrated Omega-3 products on the supplements market. Byproducts from the production are utilized for energy and heating, which makes the GC Rieber Oils factory almost carbon neutral.