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Customized Products

In addition to our standard products, GC Rieber Oils are proud to offer a wide range of customized products. We customize Omega-3 content, EPA/DHA ratio, special analysis, oxidation and trace environmental parameters.

EPA/DHA and total Omega-3 levels

If your desired product is not already in our standard product range, we can create new products to match the desired EPA/DHA or total Omega-3 content.

Specialty analysis

On a normal basis, we test for a wide range of parameters. We are also able to conduct additional parameter testing on request from customer.

Trace oxidation and trace environmental contaminants

Even though our oxidation and environmental levels are among the lowest in the industry, we will accommodate requests regarding specific target levels.

IFOS 5 star certification

All VivoMega products comply with the IFOS 5 star quality standards. If requested we will be able to receive an IFOS 5 star certification for any VivoMega product.