Laborant visually checking the omega3 oil

Product Quality

At GC Rieber Oils, we are proud to offer some of the lowest totox- and trace environmental content in the supplements industry. All VivoMega products have a minimum of 3 years shelf life.


A perishable good, Omega-3 is prone to oxidation when subjected to air. Totox (Total Oxidation) is the most commonly used indicator for the freshness of Omega-3 Oils. We calculate totox from the Anisidine and Peroxide values present in the fish oil, thus measuring both the current and future impact of oxygen exposure. By utilizing state of the art equipment and consistently limiting the products exposure to air, we are able to decrease the levels of oxidation to a minimum.
The Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED) has recommended a maximum totox level of 26. At GC Rieber we have chosen to be in the forefront of freshness, and all our products has a maximum totox of 10, securing a very stable, high quality product.

Environmental parameters

As all natural products, the surrounding environment will always affect the fish used in production of Omega-3 concentrates. This can be measured in the levels of heavy metals and environmental contaminants present in the oil.
At GC Rieber Oils, all concentrates undergo a thorough refinement process, reducing the trace environmental parameters to barely detectable levels.  These are among the lowest levels in the industry and substantially lower than the GOED recommendations.

3 years shelf life 

Using a stringent stability program, we test and evaluate the quality of each product in the VivoMega portfolio. Based upon the results, we have increased the shelf life of all our products (except 0525 TG60/TG Premium and a few customized products) to 3-years, one year more than the industry average.