Employee at concentrate factory


At our state-of-the-art production plant, we utilize specially designed equipment and optimized processing in order to create our high quality VivoMega concentrates. Our large production capacity allows us to deliver large volumes fast at affordable prices.

We produce VivoMega concentrates using a thin-film short path molecular distillation. Before starting the concentration process, all raw material undergoes pre-treatment to remove any unnecessary components.

During the concentration, the oil is converted to ethyl ester form, distilled and re-converted to triglyceride form (TG products). This process allows us to reach the optimal EPA/DHA concentration for the desired product.

At GC Rieber Oils distillation is conducted using very low vacuum and a very short distillation residence time. Consequently, heat-stress on the oil is significantly minimized.

After production, all VivoMega products are deodorized using first class, thin film deodorization. Similar to the distillation process, the deodorization Method minimizes heat-stress. This highly effective refinement method ensures  that all products will have a mild taste and smell.

Using enzymes, solvment free refinement methods, and byproduct recycling, the GC Rieber production facility is an example of green chemistry at its finest.